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Moodle – How to paste links and hyperlinks in the forum?

When a person is subscribed to a forum, it means that copies of all forum posts will be sent to him/her. This will override some student profile settings. By default, messages are saved approximately 30 minutes after they are first posted. Depending on each forum member’s email settings, they may be emailed immediately after the 30 minute edit window closes, or in a process at a time set by the site administrator.

Individuals can generally choose whether they want to be subscribed to each forum or not. However, the teacher can choose to force subscription to a particular forum, and then all users in the course will be automatically subscribed, even those who join later.

If the teacher selects the «Yes, initially» option, then all current and future students in the course will be initially subscribed but can unsubscribe at any time. If the teacher selects «Yes, always», then forum members will not be able to unsubscribe themselves.

Moodle Sed – Foros de uso general

En una discusión simple, los profesores publican una pregunta y los estudiantes sólo pueden responder. No pueden iniciar un nuevo tema de discusión. Esto es útil si desea mantener una discusión centrada. Nota: Este tipo de foro no funciona con grupos separados.

El foro de preguntas y respuestas se utiliza mejor cuando se tiene una pregunta concreta que se desea responder. El profesor publica una pregunta y los estudiantes responden con posibles respuestas. Por defecto, un foro de Preguntas y Respuestas requiere que los estudiantes publiquen una vez antes de ver las publicaciones de otros estudiantes.

El foro estándar que se muestra en un formato similar al de un blog funciona como el foro estándar de uso general, pero el primer mensaje de cada discusión se muestra (como en un blog) para que los usuarios puedan leerlo y luego elegir responder haciendo clic en el botón «Discutir este tema» en la parte inferior derecha del mensaje.

Al igual que cuando se inicia un nuevo debate, el cuadro de respuesta aparece en línea, lo que permite al usuario responder rápidamente. Si se necesita una respuesta más detallada, por ejemplo, si se necesita la barra de herramientas de edición o el cuadro de adjuntos, al hacer clic en Avanzado se mostrará la versión completa.


Similar to when starting a new discussion, the reply box appears inline, allowing the user to quickly respond. If a more detailed response is needed, for example, if the editing toolbar or attachment box is needed, clicking Advanced will display the full version.

Discussions can be marked as favorites or ‘starred’ by clicking on the three dots to the right of the discussion or by clicking directly on the star. This is an individual setting and will move the discussion to the top of the discussion list below any pinned discussion.

A permalink allows you to link directly to a specific discussion posted in a forum so you can easily share it with others. You will see the permalink option when you click to reply to a post. If you click on the permalink (1), it is highlighted next to it (2) and will have a particular web address (3) that you can copy and paste for use elsewhere:

Adding a Forum in Moodle

This is perhaps the most important activity. It is through the forums where most of the debates and discussion of course topics take place. This activity is said to be asynchronous since the participants do not have to access the system at the same time. Its standard icon is:

When you decide to use a discussion forum as an activity in an e-learning environment it is important to be aware of the time it will take to complete the activity successfully. If your objective is to foster a discussion, the forum will only work if:

a.) Participants feel there is a need/reason to participate and they will get something out of the experience. Incentives to learn, get support, etc. should be researched and encouraged in advance to clearly communicate the purpose of the forum to others. For anyone considering offering qualifications or marks for participation, it is advisable to think very carefully about the difference between quantity and quality of forum discussions.