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How to create a free virtual platform

Your goal should be to have one or more online products that people can access after payment, without requiring their presence. In practice, you should structure it as an infoproduct that generates passive income.

Several people wonder how to create a virtual e-learning platform on WordPress, and if you are one of them, we provide you with the best indications and tools to monetize your knowledge through an online course site created with this system.

To create your e-learning platform, you need to create a reserved area on your site, or a site entirely dedicated to the sale of products, using a plugin that allows you to manage products and users.

This way, you have full control over your products and those who buy them, and everything is fairly automated, which saves you time and dedicates it to the important part which is creating content for your courses.

Below you will find the list of the best learning management system plugins for WordPress and professional themes specially developed for creating LMS sites with WordPress.

How to acquire an e-learning platform

We decided to try to adjust the wording to avoid gender marking, but in case we could not avoid its use, we decided to use non-sexist language, which implies the use of feminine and masculine, favoring the agility and fluency of the text, that it is understood and that the message is clear. To ensure coherence throughout the text and to show that there is no hierarchy, we alternated the use of feminine/masculine or masculine/feminine between chapters and the use was consistent throughout the chapter.

This citation style is based on the Book, republished in translation section of the APA guidelines for citing works of translation. We include the title in English, following this APA suggestion (see example for Piaget (1950)).

Contributions, corrections and suggestions are welcome, and whenever a new version of the book is published, contributors will be thanked. Please see Appendix 18 for details on how to contribute and Appendix 17 for our code of conduct.

How to create an educational platform

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Como crear plataforma virtual en google

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