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El objetivo de este estudio es evaluar la validez y el uso de un método mixto de formación en soporte vital. El uso de Moodle para implementar una fase presencial online previa a una fase presencial «clásica» de enseñanza en este tipo de cursos es la principal novedad.

La mayoría de los alumnos valoran como muy útil (50%) o útil (45,37%) la existencia de una fase previa online, y consideran que les ha ayudado mucho (42,20%) o bastante (48,62%) a aprovechar al máximo las sesiones presenciales. En cuanto a los instructores, consideran que la existencia de una fase previa a la sesión en línea ha sido muy útil (89%) o útil (11%) para el desarrollo de las sesiones presenciales.

El análisis de los resultados concluyó que 1) los alumnos consideraron muy útil una fase previa no presencial que les ayudó mucho/mucho en la fase presencial, y 2) los instructores creen que la fase no presencial les había ayudado mucho en las presentaciones y eficacia de los talleres en la fase presencial.

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Objective: To provide students with the tools to communicate in English, orally and in writing, from the first day of class; guiding them in a progressive evolution that allows them to improve every day, thus establishing a solid base of knowledge of the language.

Methodology: addressing topics relevant to the present we live in, areas of interest for teenagers, seeking to motivate students to learn English and promote in them awareness of the importance of knowing this language today….

Objectives: Anglo de la Costa’s Advanced courses have the purpose of deepening the knowledge of the English language, while preparing the student to take exams that certify their level at the Instituto Cultural Anglo Uruguayo (ICAU) and the University of Cambridge. Our platform, as well as the wide use of current media, allows us to offer courses in a blended learning modality.

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Moodle is an open source learning management system written in PHP. It is similar to content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal; however, Moodle focuses directly on education. A popular choice among trainers and educators, it is used to produce online courses that incorporate concepts such as blended learning, distance learning, flipped classroom and other e-learning strategies in schools, universities, workplaces and the private sector.

This instructor-led training is intended for technical users such as system administrators and course directors who enjoy the practical, hands-on approach to learning how to implement and deploy Moodle.

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Specific Objective: To develop a training process that promotes an improvement in the attention to the user population of the UIAEM of the HNM with quality and warmth, based on the principle of equality and non-discrimination.

The purpose of this course is to offer a guide to the user, thus providing the necessary knowledge in the use of the VIGEPES system functions in the profiles of: Administrators, Analysts and Digitizers.

This virtual course will provide the necessary information for the use of the system, thus optimizing the process of creating the institutional card for each establishment.

The purpose of this course is to offer a guide to the user, providing the necessary knowledge to carry out the processes of user registration and dose registration correctly and efficiently. The purpose of this course is to provide immediate attention to the population that benefits from the application of the vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.