Assignment grading in moodle 3.1

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EaD. Create groups and groupings.

– Demonstrate the ability to solve practical cases in Consumer Law, which implies the prior elaboration of the factual material (after the correct understanding of the facts and the distinction between relevant and irrelevant data), the identification of the problematic issues that require a solution, the selection and interpretation of the applicable Positive Law data and the argued exposition of the subsumption.

The materials will be available to the students in Moodle before starting the corresponding seminar. In any case, the bibliographic, legislative or jurisprudential materials necessary for each one of them will be specified in class, with the appropriate anticipation.

– The subject tutoring will be used to discuss with the students the work done in the seminars, solve their doubts and any other incident arising in relation to the teaching of the subject.

-Each day, the professor will make a presentation of the subject foreseen in the program that is included in point 1.13 of this guide. Students will previously prepare the classes with the recommended basic bibliography.

EaD. Create and grade assignments. Moodle 2.8

Note that if you want to edit an existing Assignment, you must click on the Edit link to the right of the Assignment and choose the action you want to take, such as ‘Edit settings’.

Here you need to enter a date for the assignment to be displayed in the Teacher’s Course Overview Block and in the Calendar. It will be shown when at least one student has submitted an assignment.

The teacher can annotate PDFs, docx and odt files within his web browser, and upon saving, the annotated file is made available to the student. (Check with your administrator that Ghostscript and a Document Converter are enabled in case you could not annotate uploaded files). In the screenshot below, a docx file has been uploaded and converted, so that the teacher can use the annotation tools to annotate it to comment directly on the student’s assignment:

PDF Annotation appears if this setting is enabled by the Site Administrator in the Manage Assignment Feedback Plugins section and will allow the teacher to annotate using comments, stamps and other features.

PDF Editor in Moodle

1. Edmodo1.1. It is a free platform to give classes and in this one the teacher has the access to communicate with his students and the parents of these, besides that the teacher has access to many tools that he can share with his students1.1.1.1. . It facilitates the correction of assignments and activities. Disadvantages1.1.2.1.

2. Moodle2.1. Platform that helps teachers to make their classes more creative and they can customize them.2.1.1. Advantages2. It is accessible from any device.

3. Classroom3.1. This application helps us with the delivery of our activities, you can also create classes through this application, you only need your teacher to share the code to be able to enter it.3.1.1. . It is a free platform. Disadvantages3.1.2.1. It does not allow file sharing between students if they do not own the files.

Assigning competencies to courses (Moodle 3.1)

The Assignment module allows teachers to collect work from their students, review it and provide feedback, including grades. Work submitted by students is visible only to the teacher and is not visible to other students unless a group assignment has been chosen.

An assignment has an ‘available from’ date, and before that date students cannot submit anything. There is also a submission date, after which teachers can decide not to accept any more (late) submissions from students.

Qualifiers can choose to be notified each time a student submits an assignment, or to only be informed of late submissions. Graders can choose to give students feedback in the form of text or uploaded files.