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Moodle reports

This module, the «HotPot» module, allows the teacher to manage the exercises created with Hot Potatoes through Moodle. The exercises are created on the teacher’s computer, using Hot Potatoes, and then uploaded (incorporated) into the Moodle course.

Once the students have attempted the exercises, various types of reports are available showing the answers to each of the questions and certain statistics on the scores obtained.

The Questionnaire module allows you to construct questionnaires (surveys) using various types of questions. The purpose is to collect information from respondents. It is based on phpESP, an Open Source tool (see:

Moodle 2.6.1: Calendar block

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MDM iOS Integrado en IMTLazarus – IMT4edu

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It is a free platform that allows the creation of evaluation quizzes. It is a tool by which the teacher creates contests in the classroom to learn or reinforce learning and where the students are the contestants.

It is a digital platform that offers the possibility of creating collaborative murals. It works as a virtual collaborative whiteboard where teacher and students can work at the same time, within the same environment.

OVA: according to Chiappe, Segovia and Rincón (2007) cited by Chiappe (2016), a Virtual Learning Object -OVA-, «is a reusable digital entity, self-contained, with a clear educational purpose and constituted by at least three editable internal components: contents, learning activities and contextualization elements». This is how some of the basic study materials are presented. There you will find instructions on how to navigate in the OVA.

AMV: are subjects mediated by virtuality that are offered within the face-to-face modality with the purpose of providing students with the possibility of a blended attendance, since these subjects alluding to article of Decree 1075 of 2015 have a face-to-face evaluative component between 20% and 60%.