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You already know about E-Learning, the Moodle platform and its capabilities, benefits and advantages. Ensure the success of your virtual classroom with a hosting platform that is robust, reliable and designed explicitly for Moodle.

If you have hundreds or thousands of students enrolled, if it is a school, we suggest our Moodle for Schools, you can also opt for our High Demand Moodle. If you need solutions for thousands of simultaneous students, it would be best to opt for dedicated servers. Don’t wait to contact us, we can help you to size and implement your Moodle in the best infrastructure.

We are Moodle specialists, the Basic Moodle Support includes immediate and live response to any questions or suggestions on configurations and tools to use. You will have Moodle support ALWAYS.

There are hundreds of regular hosting providers, and even several Moodle hosting options, but the big difference is that we are specialists not only in Moodle, but in server administration. You will always have someone ready to answer your questions or help you with any inconvenience. This is the big difference and why our Moodle hosting is different.

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PHP 8.1 offers new features and is much faster than the old version of PHP. The most used content managers such as WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla or Drupal are programmed in PHP, so with the new version come great improvements that will allow you to reduce resource consumption and provide better web performance than in previous versions, getting your web pages to run up to twice as fast.

This means that your website will load faster up to triple the speed of access to the most visited pages and improve the user experience. So you get the most out of your WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop or any other application you use.

Now, your favorite applications and plugins come pre-installed on your web hosting, ready to use in just one click, making it faster, more convenient and easier for you. Build your blog with the new WordPress 5, manage your content with Joomla, sell on the Internet with Prestashop…

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You can pay for hosting services by bank transfer, credit or debit card and PayPalPaypal users can schedule a payment over time, but must remember to manage the cancellations themselves.

Most of the services are activated automatically once the payment is that require software installation, have a delay that depends on the access to the repositories where they are stored, at most in 2 hours you will have it active.dedicated servers, cloud or cluster systems, have a delivery period that can be from two hours to … what it takes to perform the chosen configuration. In these cases, we work together with the client to provide a personalized service.

The example of the house is a simple way to understand the differences between a VPS, a dedicated server and a shared hosting. A VPS is like having a house with several shared rooms, a dedicated server is like having a whole house to yourself and shared hosting is like living in a shared apartment with several people.

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The ITSSP initiates the project of integrating a multidisciplinary research team to generate solid proposals for the benefit of the educational community and the northwestern region of the State of Durango.

The creation of the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Santiago Papasquiaro, represents the crystallization of one of the most heartfelt desires of the inhabitants of the northwestern region of the State of Durango, who on several occasions had expressed the need for a higher education institution. Therefore, in February 1995, a documentary and opinion research work was carried out to analyze the needs of the region and thus structure the proposal for the creation and development of the ITSSP in the city of Santiago Papasquiaro, capital of the municipality of the same name, located at 25º 03′ north latitude and 105º 25′ west longitude with an average altitude of 1740 meters above sea level, on the edge of the Sierra Madre Occidental.