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My native language:A question containing variables instead of data: X, Y, or results from them (=Max(X+Y))…Answers can be formulas using those variables: X+Y, X^Y, round(X;2)+round(Y;2)Formulas can use functions: round(N;decimals), if(comparison;result if true; result if false), . The values can be reused in the set of questions belonging to the same exam or quiz: a statement and several questions can be written from it.

Moodle is right now the most advanced, variables are written between braces: {variable}, results also: {={variable}*2}, including functions.But Moodle lacks:It doesn’t have a conditional function.You can’t create variables from others: {{z}={x}+{y}} and then use z.In the first question of a quiz, of type Description, you can’t use the variables because it is not a question of type calculated.

Language that discriminates against the poor can not afford the cost of learning:Questions containing data variables instead: X, Y, or results from the same (= Max (X + Y)) … Responses may be formulas that use these variables: X + Y, X ^ Y, round (x, 2) + round (Y, 2)Formulas can use functions: round (N; decimal) if (comparison, result if true, result if false), …The values can be reused in all questions belonging to the same test or questionnaire so you can write a statement and several questions from it.

How to restrict an activity in Moodle?

In the settings of each activity there is a section to Restrict access. To get there, click on ‘Edit’ next to the activity you wish to restrict and then choose ‘Edit Settings’, or add a new activity, which will take you to the settings page.

How to clean a Moodle course?

Click on «Add/Edit Courses» from the «Courses» option in the «Site Administration» menu. Click on the name of the category containing the course to be deleted. Click on the Delete X icon to the right of the course to be deleted.

Restrict word access

In Site Administration > Plugins > Availability Restrictions > Manage Restrictions you can enable or disable the (Hide/Show) any of the individual restriction types for site-wide use.

See Termination of activity. Note that this button only appears if you have Activity Completion enabled by the administrator at your site, and it is enabled in your course in Course Administration > Edit Settings > Completion Monitoring.

If groups or groupings are used in the course, it is possible to restrict the activity to a certain group or grouping. If they are disabled for this course and are not available, these options will not be present for use as a restriction.

The shut eye takes precedence. For example, you could have 2 conditions, one based on date (with eye shut) and one based on completing a previous activity (with eye open). That way, the activity will not appear at all until the date; then it will appear, but tell you that you need to complete the other activity; then when you complete the other activity you can access it.

Moodle blocks

It is a free platform that allows the creation of evaluation quizzes. It is a tool by which the teacher creates contests in the classroom to learn or reinforce learning and where the students are the contestants.

It is a digital platform that offers the possibility of creating collaborative murals. It works as a virtual collaborative whiteboard where teacher and students can work at the same time, within the same environment.

OVA: according to Chiappe, Segovia and Rincón (2007) cited by Chiappe (2016), a Virtual Learning Object -OVA-, «is a reusable digital entity, self-contained, with a clear educational purpose and constituted by at least three editable internal components: contents, learning activities and contextualization elements». This is how some of the basic study materials are presented. There you will find instructions on how to navigate the OVA.

AMV: are subjects mediated by virtuality that are offered within the face-to-face modality with the purpose of providing students with the possibility of a semi-presential attendance, since these subjects alluding to article of Decree 1075 of 2015 have a face-to-face evaluative component between 20% and 60%.

What are the blocks for in moodle?

Restrict Access is a feature that allows a teacher to release Resources and Activities to students based on certain criteria such as date, grade received or participation.

Currently NO. It is not possible to restrict access to Course B until the student has completed Course A. There are tricks to achieve this indirectly: for example, you set up an end page in the A course that is only displayed until the student has completed the A course. On this final page you include the enrollment key (enrollment key) to course B. However, this depends on your confidence that students will not pass the key to each other.