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This article shows how to deploy a highly available, fault tolerant and scalable Moodle solution in a distributed manner. An AWS CloudFormation template is used to facilitate the deployment and configuration of the resources needed to support the solution in question.

Moodle is often implemented under a monolithic architecture model, i.e. both the database and the web and application server are installed on the same server or in the best case the database in one instance and the web server in another, which leads to challenges of availability and scalability.

One way to attack these problems is vertical scaling, i.e. increasing the capacity of resources (RAM, CPU and Storage) in the same instance. This leads to maintenance windows for scaling or migration to a server with greater resources.

The following is a solution to implement a distributed, cost-effective, self-scalable and fault-tolerant architecture for Moodle, based on the Hosting Moodle on AWS reference architecture.

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Primero detenga todos los procesos del servidor como httpd y mysqld, luego salga del programa MAMP. Después de que todo se haya detenido puedes copiar o mover el directorio de MAMP. Si quieres transferir MAMP a uno o más ordenadores, necesitas crear un archivo ZIP que contenga el directorio MAMP. Este archivo ZIP se puede copiar en cualquier lugar … en una memoria USB, en un servidor web, en un CD grabado …

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Go to contentTable of ContentsWhat is composer and what is it for:Composer is a PHP dependency manager that we use to install all the php libraries that a project needs to work.PHP requirements for Composer:Composer needs at least php 5.3.2 to work. It is independent of the operating system used, it works on Linux, Window, Mac servers….Packages needed to install composer:In order to install composer, it is necessary to install the following packages on our server:sudo apt-get update

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