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Note: in this example, a «chunk» of R code appears at the beginning in which certain R variables take random values. The value of these variables will be included in the question, making it a randomized question. In this case it is a question with numeric answer: extype: num. The parameter exsolution containing the true numeric answer has a value obtained with the help of the R language. The parameter extol: 0.01 determines the tolerance of rounding error allowed in the answer.

Note: You can test a ready-to-work cloud system, in RStudio Cloud, by directly accessing the project at the following link: My R/exams in RStudio Cloud. The first time you access it you will need to register (registration is free).

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On March 22, the Colombian government decreed «mandatory preventive isolation» and educational institutions have found it necessary to move the vacation period forward, while others have opted to continue their education at a distance 3.

The implications of social isolation range from physical and mental health problems 4 to an impact on the world economy 5. For the education sector, the rapid change to virtual education has represented challenges in infrastructure, educational strategies and the need for a change of mentality on the part of teachers and students 6.

Experiences in virtual education are different for each actor. However, fields such as medicine and other health professions, which have traditionally depended on face-to-face teaching, may present a greater challenge when it comes to implementing virtual education 7.

As a result of the forced shift to the virtual environment due to mandatory preemptive isolation, it is inevitable to expect that the level of learning will not be the same. This, rather than reflecting a superiority of the face-to-face environment, shows that online education is not the strategy for which students and teachers have been trained 11.

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The servers run under Dual/Quad-Core Xeon processors with 4 GB of memory, hot-swappable SATA II drives and 3ware hardware Raid 1. It exclusively uses the Linux CentOS operating system, one of the most popular in the industry today. It is constantly under active development team who ensure a reliable, secure and robust platform for web hosting environments.

In the event of a server failure, the fail-safe system routes all server traffic to another available server until the first one has been completely fixed, keeping your website online and improving reliability for your customers.

The servers run a fail-safe application that monitors the server every second, if a failure is detected on the server, the application automatically initiates routing to the most available server so as not to render the services inoperative (web. email, mysql, cpanel, etc.). Once the failure has been detected, the web site remains available and operational until the problem has been resolved. We can see a demonstration in the following illustration.

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