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Datapages is a database aimed primarily at students and professionals in petroleum geology.    You can find various digital files such as books, journals, scientific articles, among others, in order to provide valuable and important information related to petroleum geology.

Academic Complete is a librarian-curated collection of multidisciplinary e-books of academic content from leading publishers covering areas such as business, health, social sciences, arts and humanities, technology and religion. The interface allows online reading, bookmarking, annotation, print to pdf and also full download of titles contracted by the University.

Multidisciplinary database offering more than 8,800 full-text journals of which more than 4,500 are refereed publications. It also indexes 13,300 journals and a considerable number of publications including monographs, reports, proceedings, among others.

Moodle saas hosting

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We use BigBlueButton which is an ideal software to give live lessons, your students will be pleasantly surprised, since BBB is excellent in audio and video streaming, but also complemented with the best tools for online education.

Why contract with AULAS en VIVO? BigBlueButton (BBB) requires very powerful dedicated servers, you will also need to know how to configure it, you will need technical support and maintenance, all this can be really very expensive…

Moodle language

You already know about E-Learning, the Moodle platform and its capabilities, benefits and advantages. Ensure the success of your virtual classroom with a robust and reliable hosting platform designed explicitly for Moodle.

If you have hundreds or thousands of students enrolled, if it is a school, we suggest our Moodle for Schools, you can also opt for our High Demand Moodle. If you need solutions for thousands of simultaneous students, it would be best to opt for dedicated servers. Don’t wait to contact us, we can help you to size and implement your Moodle in the best infrastructure.

We are Moodle specialists, the Basic Moodle Support includes immediate and live response to any questions or suggestions on configurations and tools to use. You will have Moodle support ALWAYS.

There are hundreds of regular hosting providers, and even several Moodle hosting options, but the big difference is that we are specialists not only in Moodle, but in server administration. You will always have someone ready to answer your questions or help you with any inconvenience. This is the big difference and why our Moodle hosting is different.

Moodle is free or paid

More and more training platforms are resorting to the promotion of free courses to attract new subscribers, which is a great opportunity to acquire knowledge and save money on education.

Since the early 2020’s these types of courses no longer offer certificates of completion or a teacher consultation section, but they are still a great opportunity to improve your skills in any field.

As always, you will find courses on a multitude of topics, from Excel to app development, programming, Powerpoint, data security or video post-production, among many others.

If in addition to these free UDEMY courses you want to contribute your own knowledge, this training web platform also offers you the possibility of becoming a teacher for millions of online students who are part of this portal.

They currently have more than 100,000 courses in practically all areas of study in more than 50 languages, and offer the necessary tools so that you can offer your training content to your next students.