Moodle assign role to user

Change role in moodle

The default manager role allows users assigned to it to access and modify courses, as well as perform certain administrative work related to courses, users, grade settings, etc.

Unlike the Administrator role, the Manager role is a ‘real role’, whose capabilities you can edit, but is similar to the Administrator (but much safer to use) due to its extensive default powers. As a normal role, like the Teacher or Course Creator roles, while the Manager role has many default capabilities, you can edit that role if you so choose.

Adopting best-practice based on the Principle of Least Privilege suggests that Administrators should normally use a Manager role and not use an Administrator account, similar to the way you are advised not to log in to Linux as root.

Moodle assign roles to users

Now that we are in confinement with the coronavirus, it becomes more important to use e-learning platforms such as moodle and if we can also integrate them with other tools such as Office365, so much the better.

Initially, we start with a basic installation of moodle and another of office365 (we will need to have an administrator role in both). After the basic installation of both tools, we have to install the plugins in moodle, activate the azure subscription and configure the integration. Let’s take a look at each of the steps.

Before configuring the plugin, it is very important to activate the Azure subscription, as it is an indispensable requirement. The subscription is the one that allows moodle to communicate with Office365 and without it, the application will not work properly.

To do this, we access and when we enter it will prompt us to subscribe. We can use the free 1 month option to test it. Once subscribed, we can check it on the home page, or in the Subscriptions section.

Assign administrator role in moodle

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Acknowledgement: Everything written below is from my own experience in school and after reading various materials. I am neither a professional nor an expert, but a passionate student. Anyone can open a discussion in the «Issues» section, or make a «pull request» if they feel something should be modified or added.

Role of moodle course creator

Permissions from a «lower» context generally override any permissions that are in a «higher» context (this applies to overrides and assigned roles). The exception is PROHIBIT, which cannot be overridden by lower levels.

For example, a student has two roles in a course; one allows him to start new discussions, another prevents such action. In this case, we check the category and site contexts, looking for another permission to help us decide. If none is found, the default permission will be PREVENT, since the two settings override each other and therefore the student will not have permission.