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Moodle assign roles to users

If you need to change the default Teacher role, go to Administration > Site administration > Users > Permissions > Define roles. In the right pane you will see ‘Manage roles’, with a list of user roles. To the right of the teacher’s description, click on the edit icon.

From the ‘Teacher’ role edit page you can change what a teacher can or cannot do by checking or unchecking the boxes under Ability/Permission. Be careful what you allow a teacher to do here. Consider the security vulnerabilities of giving a teacher inappropriate permissions. Only give the teacher permissions that are necessary or appropriate. To the right of many of the Allow boxes are colored triangles that notify you of possible security warnings for each selection. Use these warnings to help you decide which permissions to give or withhold from your teachers.

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The ITSSP begins the project of integrating a multidisciplinary research team to generate solid proposals for the benefit of the educational community and the northwestern region of the State of Durango.

The creation of the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Santiago Papasquiaro, represents the crystallization of one of the most heartfelt desires of the inhabitants of the northwestern region of the State of Durango, who on several occasions had expressed the need for a higher education institution. Therefore, in February 1995, a documentary and opinion research work was carried out to analyze the needs of the region and thus structure the proposal for the creation and development of the ITSSP in the city of Santiago Papasquiaro, capital of the municipality of the same name, located at 25º 03′ north latitude and 105º 25′ west longitude with an average altitude of 1740 meters above sea level, on the edge of the Sierra Madre Occidental.

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A user who is assigned the role of course creator can (as the name suggests!) create a course. If the setting for the ‘Creators’ role in new courses (creatornewroleid) in Site administration / Users / Permissions / User policies is left as it is by default (teacher), then the course creator is enrolled as a teacher of the course they have created and can then edit the course settings and can enroll other users.

When a course creator creates a course, they are automatically enrolled in the course as a teacher, or whatever role is set in Administration > Site administration > Users > Permissions > User policies.

If you require a course creator to have additional permissions, it is recommended to use the Manager role, rather than changing the course creator role permissions. Otherwise, allowing additional capabilities for the course creator role may result in course creators having access to courses which they have not created.

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by Centro Universitario Zacapa | Jan 8, 2020 | EVENTSM.Sc. Carlos Augusto Vargas Gálvez, Director of CUNZAC in coordination and project management for our region, received the visit of Dr. David Vaughn Director of the «Engineers for Developing Countries» Program, professors Dr. Jeff Plumblee, Dr. Emily Bierman,…

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