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Our foreign and national professors with international recognition, share these learning spaces exchanging experiences in: conferences, workshops, workshops, mirror classes, virtual classes, e-learning, simulations and others.

We are located in the 4 most important cities in Bolivia with the highest development and economic growth. Our students can enrich their formative experience by taking one or more semesters in any of our branches in the country.

We believe in education without borders and in professionals prepared for a changing world. We believe in students with values and principles who know that they are responsible for a better future for all.

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We manage a range of products and services that as a result of development and innovation processes, have become part of our selection and have served to give a specific high quality solution to our customers.

Complete and intelligent solutions with Microsoft 365 + Sharepoint providing creativity and secure collaboration resources that can help you increase productivity from more places and on any device.

Implementation of Microsoft 365 collaboration tools to help your business members embrace a new organizational environment and facilitate work between users and IT administrators.

Advanced business consulting solutions and services that will enable you to learn about the best options and licensing schemes to address your growth and new technology needs.

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Descripción del libro PAP. Estado: Nuevo. Libro Nuevo. Entregado desde nuestro almacén en el Reino Unido en 4 a 14 días laborables. ESTE LIBRO SE IMPRIME BAJO DEMANDA. Vendedor establecido desde 2000. Inventario del vendedor # IQ-9783846565797

Descripción del libro Estado: Nuevo. Dieser Artikel ist ein Print on Demand Artikel und wird nach Ihrer Bestellung für Sie gedruckt. Autor/Autorin: Eguivar Villca Shirley CarminiaGraduada en Licenciatura Inform?tica en la Universidad Mayor de San Sim?n(UMSS) de Cochabamba, Bolivia. Ha realizado estudios y trabajado sobre plataformas CMS como Moodle, Joomla y actualmente incursio. Inventario del vendedor # 5499636

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This module prepares the student for the development of techniques for preventive maintenance of mechatronic systems, following the procedures established by the company and also considering the manufacturer’s specifications, quality criteria and repeating aspects of hygiene, safety and environmental protection.Residential Electrical InstallationsDRAFTING RESEARCH PROJECTSMathematics ELEMathematics CIVEIn this module you will achieve the basic skills necessary for you as a student of Civil Engineering Technician, develop the necessary skills to enable you to overcome any

Innovation Project PI-8 (Amanecer Marino)Virtual classroom for advising on the Innovation Project of the Logistics and Customs Engineering courseInnovation Project PI-1 (Espiga)Virtual classroom for advising on the Innovation Project of the Logistics and Customs Engineering courseStatistical Treatment of Information Applied to Logistics and Customs ILYAD-01Statistics is the branch of the