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Unesco courses

We support educational processes supported by new technologies, implementing LMS platforms under the free Moodle software and building digital educational resources, according to the specific needs of each project.

We take advantage of the possibilities of cloud services to help our clients reduce costs and have a solid, scalable and highly available infrastructure. We support the processes of implementation, migration and maintenance of cloud infrastructure.

Aware of the power of collaborative work, we rely on an open source oriented approach. We work in the implementation of open source software available to all that allow a controlled management of information.  We contribute to the joint growth returning the benefits we get, through our own developments that we release on different platforms and supporting the developments of other communities.

Economic training

Objective: In this course we will review the main guidelines based on the best available evidence from the Ministry of Health and Social Protection oriented to primary care.      DENTAL AESTHETICS I (PRECLINICAL)Preclinical of aesthetics focused on practicing in wax-ups the principles of dental morphology and the management of textures and layering in Dental AestheticsGEOLOGY AND GEOMORPHOLOGYEmprenticeship UEBBiomedicine 1HOSPITAL ROTATION-OPERATIVE DENTALSeminar Practical PhilosophyIntroduction to ManagementDIPLOMA ACTIVITIES GAMIFICATIONGrowth and Development II

This is why we welcome you to the Professional Practice Workshop, where we will take a personal look between being and organizational competencies, since nowadays companies are developing in highly versatile environments, where human talent is positioned as the determining factor of their success. Employers consider of vital importance, beyond science and knowledge, that recent graduates have transversal competencies such as: teamwork, delivering results in the shortest possible time, quality at work and creativity – innovation in the work area, among others.

Banco interamericano de desarrollo cursos

Los cursos en línea son clave para desarrollar sus conexiones con colegas cristianos en todo el mundo, al tiempo que proporcionan inspiración, aliento y desarrollo profesional de calidad para su crecimiento como docente cristiano. Por ahora, los cursos están disponibles solo en inglés.

ACSI Europa está certificada para expedir CEU (Unidades de Formación Continua) válidas dentro de la comunidad mundial de escuelas cristianas de ACSI. Estas CEU pueden obtenerse como crédito para la certificación de profesores de ACSI. El objetivo de la certificación de profesores de ACSI es fortalecer las escuelas cristianas permitiendo a los profesores cumplir los requisitos profesionales y bíblicos establecidos, lo que promueve el aprendizaje profesional continuo y una mayor eficacia en su entorno escolar. Establecer y mantener actividades de desarrollo profesional y certificación para el personal y la administración es un paso esencial hacia la credibilidad y el crecimiento profesional. La certificación ACSI está disponible para profesores, directores y administradores cualificados de todas las naciones.

Available courses

Train military personnel in the pedagogical area and the use of virtual tools, according to the Armed Forces Educational Model in the hybrid modality in a systematic and methodological way to guarantee efficiency and quality in the educational development.

To be the reference in educational administration and the generation of doctrine in the Armed Forces, providing quality educational services, generating doctrinal bodies that allow the development of the Army’s capabilities and the support to the actions of the Ecuadorian State according to the new scenarios, based on an effective management model, with qualified personnel and state-of-the-art technology.