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For the current «information society» the main effects of the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are especially evident in the educational field, where it is not only a matter of innovating but also of being clear about the raison d’être of the school, its graduate profiles, its teachers, the infrastructure to be used, among others. The new generations have assimilated it naturally, while for the teacher it often entails important efforts of training and adaptation, of «unlearning» many things that are now «done in a different way». In the Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition at UAZ, it cannot be assured that they are conceived and applied in its broadest spectrum of possibilities as is the case of Learning Management Systems (LMS) with which the institution has, in the particular case of the LMS Moodle. Read more

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Looking for Fractional Gradient Optimizers? Click to DOWNLOAD the source code. Fractional Derivative Gradient-Based Optimizers for Neural Networks and Human Activity Recognition. Appl. Sci. 2022, 12(18), 9264;

«Philosophy model then program…»»The best developers don’t type…they copy and paste»»Programming in Java does not guarantee object-oriented programming, object-oriented programming does not guarantee

with programming skills who are interested in learning how to develop Apps using sensors on cell phones. This includes the use of sensors such as the accelerometer, gyroscope, etc…

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Aunque los cuestionarios de Moodle son una herramienta ampliamente utilizada para la evaluación electrónica, presentan algunas limitaciones en cuanto a la posibilidad de proporcionar cuestionarios aleatorios con preguntas diferentes para cada estudiante. En este trabajo presentamos diferentes enfoques para incorporar variables con aleatoriedad en las preguntas dentro de Moodle, de forma que se puedan generar múltiples versiones de una misma pregunta de forma automática reduciendo la carga de trabajo del profesor a la hora de preparar los cuestionarios. Además, explicamos nuestras experiencias en el diseño y despliegue de preguntas autoevaluables, con aleatoriedad y retroalimentación, en un curso online de Criptografía.


Mar 22, 2023 | School, International experiencesStudents of the User Anthropology course, taught by Nicole Paetz, academic director, had the opportunity to participate in the conference: «Adorable, cute and cute. Kawaii aesthetics and its impact on Japanese popular culture, given by Jaime…

Mar 14, 2023 | SchoolLast Friday, March 10, Carsten Von Nahmen, general director of the DW Akademie, visited our School to learn about the Alfabeta Media studio, financed by this German entity, through a cooperation agreement between the DW Akademie, the UCA and our school….

Mar 2, 2023 | SchoolInclusion is an issue of great relevance in the educational field, and in particular in our School of Communication Monica Herrera, that is why we are honored to have received yesterday, March 1, the «Disability Award 2023: allies for inclusion», from…

At ADOC Companies, we believe in the development and training in both technical and professional skills of the people who have studied at the ECMH; we trust in their creativity, technical strength, initiative and ability to make significant contributions.