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In order to be evaluated, attendance to practices in Health Centers and seminars is mandatory. Missing a seminar and/or a day of stay at the Health Center may be accepted with duly justified cause.

GC5 – Recognize one’s own limitations and the need to maintain and update professional competence, with special emphasis on autonomous learning of new knowledge and techniques and motivation for quality.

CG20 – Acquire adequate clinical experience in hospital institutions, health centers or other health institutions, under supervision, as well as basic knowledge of patient-centered clinical management and appropriate use of tests, drugs and other resources of the health system.

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This journal provides immediate free access to its content under the principle of making research freely available to the public, which fosters greater global knowledge exchange.

The Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) is a statewide network of researchers and educators at the University of California who are dedicated to creating, developing, and applying knowledge and advances in agriculture, human resources, and natural resources.

It offers an interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary approach, with integrative visions, starting from the field of architecture, but opening up to other disciplines, in accordance with the changing boundaries and situations that today characterize the field of architecture and urban studies.

It is the UN agency responsible for promoting the economic and social development of the region. It offers the Statistical Yearbook of Latin America and the Caribbean, books, magazines, bulletins, notebooks, among others.

Since September 5, 2001, the Virtual Legal Library of the Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas of the UNAM has made available to legal scholars books, journals and other materials in full text and free access.

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Assessment is undoubtedly one of the issues that most concerns us as teachers. The exceptional situation in which we find ourselves has led us to look for alternative forms of evaluation from the online point of view. The delivery of timed exercises, the sending of images with the resolution procedures, or virtual questionnaires from different learning platforms are some options.

If we focus on virtual quizzes from Moodle, for example, we have the possibility of creating a bank of questions (of different types) and build quizzes by choosing them randomly. The problem that arises is obvious: what guarantees do we have that the scores obtained are a true reflection of the work of our students? Have they received help from other people? Have they copied each other?

The choice was more than interesting. In our mathematics subjects, most of the time the focus is on the procedure of solving the exercises (also on the interpretation, I know). If we assume that, for example, we are interested in checking whether our students know how to calculate the mean or the variance of some data, what difference does it make what that data is? Then there is the question of interpretation, but conceptual assessment would be a different kind of exposition.