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Cep virtual classroom

Moodle Centers is an online work platform, where teachers upload homework, activities or explanatory videos of each of the subjects and can conduct online classes and videoconferences with tutors and specialists of their children. For videoconferences, the teacher sends a link through IPASEN or through email to connect via videoconference.

With this password, families can access the school’s administrative procedures without having to go to the school in person. It is used to make enrollments and any documentation that is collected in the virtual secretary’s office of the educational centers of Andalusia.

Moodle virtual classroom

To learn more about the steps to access the MOODLE CENTROS platform of our institute you can watch the following video. Access address to moodle:

IES Carmen de Burgos is a center completely open to the participation of families and people from the environment. Whether you are a student, mother, father or relative of our students, a former student, a university student, a retired person, a member of an association, or just want to collaborate, participate or propose activities in our Learning Community, please fill in the following form and we will contact you. Thank you! Form for families and friends: if you are a student and want to propose, decide and participate in different activities, you can register here:

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The idea of this page is to collect sites and information about Moodle installations in Almería. Logically this is not an exhaustive list and some links may be broken or changed, but for this there are comments, or in case they are disabled (spammers and trolls fault) send it through the contact form on this page.

Many others set up their own, I understand that with internal resources with the idea of having more control and storage space, to solve problems faster, customization of corporate image, etc.). In this sense some of the ones I have located:

In the same way the Junta de Andalucía apparently also offers Moodle installations to dependent organizations such as the Servicio Andaluz de Salud de Almería [].

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